Cold war about to come between Enrique and Zizou?

Well, right ahead of the few clashes football fans across the world got a surprise clash between two big names in International football.This time El-Classico is not just a rivalry between two great football clubs , this time there will be an added spice to it.
The new man in Real Madrid dugout Zinedine Zidane is well known for his superb talent on the field but few might know him for his explosive side as well.


Who can forget the famous incident in 2006 world cup final when Zinade head-butted Marco Materazzi to end his career in the most aggressive manner ever seen at the highest stage of football.

Apart from this in 2003 Zidane put his hand into Enrique’s face during a classico match.Now exactly after 13 years probably in april 2016 people will get a fresh look of their old rivalry in a different manner.

Both the coaches are legends at their respective clubs, before taking up the responsibilities from the sidelines.
Perhaps there will be a moment of good gesture and handshake at the start of classico but who know’s what will happen next after refree will blow his first whistle.

However once Enrique said “I respect him as a colleague.”Lets see what will happen next when Barcelona will clash Madrid at on April 3.

-by Raviraj Sinh Jethwa


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